“LargEWiN” - Design and Development of Large-Scale Ambient Energy Harvesting Wireless Networks

06 September 2018

Project coordinator:

Daniel Benevides da Costa

Federal University of Ceará


Project partners:

Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay

Indian Institute of Technology Indore


Haiyang Ding

National University of Defense Technology


Jules Moualeu

University of the Witwatersrand

South Africa

Funding agencies:

CNPq (Brazil), DST (India), NSFC (China), NFR (South Africa)


This project aims to empower the large-scale wireless networks with the ambient energy harvesting and the emerging communication technologies to promote the green economy in a more efficient, reliable, and sustainable manner. It seeks to address the system performance, planning, and resource allocation problems by exploiting cooperation among available network resources with renewable and/or radio-frequency (RF) energy sources for implementation of Large-Scale Ambient Energy Harvesting Wireless Networks (LargEWiN). Especially, it intends to integrate the more appealing millimeter wave (mmWave) technology into LargEWiN for its potential futuristic deployment. Such developments will not only help in accommodating the increasing demand of information delivery, but also in reducing the operating expenditure of mobile operators, while protecting the environment and preserving the natural resources. 

The main objectives of this project can be highlighted in following points: 

• To explore some radio frequency energy harvesting (RF-EH) schemes for large-scale networks 

• To develop energy-efficient architectures and transmission techniques for LargEWiN towards sustainable and green infrastructure deployment. 

• To address resource allocation problems for LargEWiN in order to enhance the achievable system performance and to minimize the operating costs. 

• To investigate the integration of mmWave technology into LargEWiN with emphasis on simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT). 

• To construct the clustered network model using mmWave communications for futuristic LargEWiN deployment.