03 May 2021
BRICS STI Framework Programme was launched in 2021. Having passed the five-year milestone of its existence, the BRICS STI FP has not only proved its relevance, but also its effectiveness.

01 February 2021
A total of 111 proposals have been submitted in response to the BRICS STI Framework Programme Call 2020: Response to COVID-19 global pandemic. 12 projects have been selected for support as an outcome of the call.

01 July 2020
BRICS STI Framework Programme - Response to COVID-19 pandemic coordinated call for BRICS multilateral projects 2020 is open until 18th August 2020

17 June 2020
A dedicated call for projects on COVID-19 related thematic areas is expected to be launched on July 1, 2020.
Call Secretariat

Russian Foundation for Basic Research

Mr. Yaroslav Sorokotyaga
Tel: |7 499 941 0196


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