“FDDLC” - Fracture and delamination under dynamic loading

06 September 2018

Project coordinator:

Yuri Petrov

Saint Petersburg State University


Project partners:

P. Venkitanarayanan

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Ya-Pu Zhao

Institute of Mechanics CAS


Funding agencies:

RFBR (Russia), DST (India), NSFC (China)


Contemporary materials, machines and devices often operate under dynamic loading conditions and therefore deep and fundamental investigation of their behavior under cyclic and dynamic loading is required. It should be noted, that dynamic deformation and fracture even of homogeneous materials are often accompanied by effects, which cause disputes among researchers and thus development of new models and approaches in this area is needed.

The main goal of the proposed project is deep and comprehensive investigation of dynamic fracture and delamination in various (including heterogeneous) materials and systems, which operate under dynamic and vibrational loading conditions. Problems of dynamic crack propagation and dynamic delamination, adhesive strength under dynamic and vibrational loadings will be covered within the project. Special attention will be paid to dynamic fracture processes, which occur on the interfaces – the zones, where different components of the system are connected. Fracture processes on different scale levels will be studied in order to establish a qualitative relation between data from experiments with macro-sized samples and fracture on sub-millimeter specimens and systems. This would help to study dynamic fracture in miniature objects (e.g. microelectromechanical systems – MEMS) subjected to dynamic loading.